About us

Well, what do you need to know about us? We are two guys born in Salzburg, making music since a long time. Sometimes together; sometimes everybody on its own; sometimes pushing each other;
sometimes retarding BUT always wiring together again through our great passion – Music

Right now we can´t show up with big events or cooperation’s with great artists but this is what’s hopefully going to change now. We really think with the actual productions we can make you happy and convey our emotions. Some of them provide good feelings while others transfer grief. Everything you hear is the actual state of our mind and as there are two persons working on the song, you will
receive the double full range of emotions.

I really tried to define and describe in what kind of music genre each of us could fit but I don´t think this is really important for you as a listener.

So if you like our music we are HAPPY…….and_nothing_else_matters

A little something to our Name:

ARIAH was quite a severe birth. We searched for something common and after thousands of
variations we surprisingly found out that we all make music in A ROOM IN A HOUSE. Tataaaaa……

The usual more or less useful information:

ARIAH consist of two to four persons depending on the available time. The older we are the better it gets. Oliver, Alex, Thomas and Max. We really don´t want to talk about our age. Really not……
All of us are working in glorious jobs. And all of us live in a House (The most important Information).

To gain completeness: Our ethical, moral and political point of view: